Conditions Seen

Our areas of clinical interest fit in to the following categories.

Parkinson's Disease

Whether at the early or advanced stages, Dr Bradbury has cared for sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease and movement disorders for more than 30 years.


As a migraine sufferer himself, Dr Bradbury understands the pain and frustration associated with migraine headaches and has decades of experience in their diagnosis and treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the commonest disabling neurological disease in the UK. Dr Bradbury can help with its early diagnosis, and may access the modern treatments that have improved the prognosis in many cases.


From tension to painkiller-dependent headaches, Dr Bradbury has a keen interest in helping to diagnose and treat all kinds of this common yet disruptive condition.

General Neurology

Dr Bradbury helps to diagnose those neurological conditions associated with common conditions such as headaches and back pain to complex neurological disorders, vascular brain disease and head injuries.


Seizures and unexplained loss of consciousness may be attributed to epilepsy. Accurate diagnosis helps lead to correct treatment and Dr Bradbury has been a clinical lead in epilepsy for many years.

Movement Disorders

Many neurological diseases, other than Parkinson’s, may cause unusual body movements. Considered diagnosis is key to effective therapy.

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